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Windows 8 - Mosaic and tiles

Windows 8 - A blog I was waiting to write on for a long time.

Zune pod an mp3 player impressed me in 2007. A worthy opponent of iPod. People thought windows was copying apple as any other company was trying with mp3 players. I found Zune pods having completely different interface which were original and ahead of its time. A software like iTunes called Zune was used to sync the Zune pods. I never had iPod’s and Zune was the first mp3 player I handled which was brought by my uncle from US. Indian’s never had an idea on that player that time and even now they don’t know. Zune had remarkable OS updates than any other software. What you now see as Windows 8 live tiles were originally from the Zune OS.

Live tiles were first introduced in windows 7 phones. There was no much hype in windows 7 phone same as the previous versions of Windows mobile 5, 6 which never had a good market share. When Nokia had a partnership with Microsoft, there was some expectations among the people. The ad’s made the difference. With 7 different bright colors from Nokia along with Windows 7.5, the phones launched on December 2011 caught the attention of the people with the windows phone market going high and made the company called Nokia regain its position almost from the bottom to a decent level on January 2012. Although live tiles attracted some people, it failed to impress everyone. People found the use of live tiles annoying

To be continued…( No time due to vlsi projects)

Variable X

In the year 2009, I entered second semester where I was introduced to 2 people on the first day. My previous semester classmate Venkat.L introduced Venkata Srinath and he in turn introduced his classmate X. I thought X was a diligent, innocent boy from SBOA. He started taking notes from the moment teacher started writing on the board. He even asked one or two doubts. I thought I should struggle hard to compete with X and other EF batch students.

As the days progressed, I started mingling with X and wondered how a boy can be this innocent. Varun Govind was the boy in the front bench. One day Govind asked X……
 ” Govind : Machi do u watch porn?????
        X   : Pan na beeda va?   “

I was shocked for a day. If anyone uses foul word, he said, “NO BAD WORD”. He repeated the words BAD, BAD BOY,BAD WORDS, BAAAAD(not the local tamil word)  whenever he felt. 

Days passed. After a month, it was time for the 1st sem results. He said,” Dai bayama iruku :( ” . When results came, I found that he had 2 arrears. I ask him why ? He replied, “Dai naan GOVERNOR QUOTA da”. Again shock for everyone. No one knew that. After that he was serious and asked important questions to get 3 more arrears in  the second semester. People thought he was innocent and told him to ‘Read kamasutra in physics—> important 16 mark question’ . Next day he googled and found out what is KAMA-sooooothra. Again BADDDDD. 

( Evan unmaiyave nadikarana illa summa va???? )

Semesters progressed , arrears accumulated. He spent nearly 8k every year for revaluation. Nothing changed. He started flirting with girls. Sorry girls started flirting with him. Seeing his innocent face, all girls felt that they can have a SAFE relationship with him. Whenever I saw him texting or calling a girl, He replied ” AKKA da, Neighbour da, friend oda AKKA da “. This continued for another 2 years.

In the year 2010, X bought a HTC wildfire.  He started using android phone like a computer. He started watching porn stuff, mocked everyone. In the final year, he got placed in CTS having 12 arrears in hand. I went to his home and taught some subjects during Oct 2011 . Even after that he didn’t clear and had 10 arrears.

We came to the final semester. Everyone were serious and started studying to clear the subjects starting from January. He was not bothered and fooled around. He played in techofes 2012 in February, Organised events in Vision 2012 March, played badminton in April. I asked him to study. He said that he was waiting for reval results. Even when the timetable for the arrear exams came, he noted down the time table and called me for help in clearing the subjects. I said yessssss.

One fine day when reval results came, We found that he had cleared all the subjects in a single attempt. Next day he said HARD WORK…
Those close to him know what  “HARD WORK” means to this guy  as he never knew the meaning of “REAL HARD WORK” while others still glorify him for his final semester heroics.


The above blog is truly fictitious and “Any resemblances to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental”.

SMART phones and DULL people….

It’s an era of smart phones. People are willing to afford smart phones whether they know to use it or not. The craze began all of a sudden in 2011 due to ANDROID. Smart phones were used by people even before the inception of Android. I don’t care whether people use smart phones or some shit. My only question is WHY ARE THEY USING SAMSUNG?

As far as I know, the Blackberry’s, Motorola’s and HTC’s were the ones to start the concept of smart phones. They were used only in UK and USA as they had 3G technology and to be frank developed Countries. Steve Jobs in 2008 released an iPhone saying it as, ” The first Smart phone with ONE button and capacitive touch screen “. People started buying this 3.5inch phone for the BRAND. They knew nothing about the configurations, features etc. Later in 2010 GOOGLE with diligent efforts COPIED/modified the apple iOS and came up with ANDROID.

Later the year people(including me) got addicted to Android as it was cheap and had similar features as iPhone. Till 2010 Nokia was at the top in mobile phone market . Samsung which had ups and downs acquired google os with its partnership and had a sharp rise after 2010. The GALAXY’s namely Push, Pop, Enqueue, Dequeue…blah blah blah attracted people. I don’t know whether it is for the price or the dumb features. Meanwhile Nokia on the other hand wanted to impress people with their SYMBIAAAAAAN OS but failed to know the current trend. Nokia’s market started plummeting.

I could say that it’s the marketing strategy used by Samsung that attracts people. Companies like Sony, Acer, LG, Micro processor, Carbon, Nitrogen used Android but everything failed. Every three months, Samsung comes with a new galaxy 1, 2, note, 3, 4, etc. All the resources were available earlier but these idiots are using LCD screen in 1, AMOLED in 2, SUPER AMOLED in note. People are still addicted to Samsung despite of its bad performance. They don’t care whether the phone fits in  their pockets or not. They consider it as a STYLE carrying these LKG slates in their hand. Actually they can show off with their Samsung phones. I’m afraid that as the months progress, they might come up with a 10 inch tablet and say it as a phone.

Samsung lacks in proper design, battery life, interface(important factor)

If anyone has a Samsung phone, they need to install Go launcher for a better interface. Unlike HTC they don’t have a inbuilt interface named as HTC SENSE with updating versions every quarter. 

I would recommend people to buy a HTC if they need an Android operating system. Every month they are coming up with different design and a interface which is more user-friendly then all other phones in the present market. I’m worried why HTC has not gained enough popularity among public. Even when I went to a shop to buy HTC, the shop keeper is not recommending and says that the price will be half if you sell the phone tomorrow. 

If I can foresee the future, I will definitely say that company called as Blackberry (RIM) will be closed in a couple of years. Nokia after collaborating with Microsoft, has gained the attention among the public again. I think the future will be Microsoft with its unique idea windows mango (march 2012 ) and will have updated versions in the future….


I still can’t figure it out why people are buying SAMSUNG? ? ? ? ? ? ?

OSCAR(2012) - Unhappy ending :( :( :(

imageFor the past five years, I’m excited whenever I hear Oscar nominations on the month of January. I’ve never heard the names of the 60% of the nominated movies. Once the movies are nominated, I start downloading the movies and know why they’re nominated. Till the age of 15, I’ve been watching only the movies based on Science fiction, Action and Comedy. Family drama is out of question for me. The movie which made me to watch drama’s was Forrest Gump, accidentally seen on a DVD. Ok…Now moving on to the Oscars 2012….

 There were 9 movies nominated for the best picture category. Out of 9, 1 was rotten according to Rotten Tomatoes(Extremely loud and incredibly close) so I was not interested. Oscar was on 27th Feb. I started on feb 13th to start watching the movies. I started appreciating the movies each and every day, rated in Rotten Tomatoes, experiencing how natural some movies were??

Out of 8 movies, I hated The tree of life and The Artist. The tree of life is a movie for psycho’s which included 45 minutes of discovery channel to compare the nature with the family. Tooooo lame. Another film was The Artist which was comparable to the 1980’s Tamil movie ( most of the french movies SUCK). Only difference was that it had no dialogues(SILENT MOVIE). I still don’t get why Jean Dujardin won the award for the best actor??????  May be due to the 2 minutes of Tap dance at the end of the movie. The hard work of George Clooney and Brat Pitt proved futile. I wanted Clooney to get the award.## SAD##

Next Category was the Best Actress. The most sentimental movie of the year with Viola Davis on the lead. I thought she didn’t act in the movie as it was so real. But bad time , an idiot called Meryl Streep won the award. She had been nominated 17 times before and won 2 awards.##SAD##

The last category was the Best Picture. I wanted HUGO or MONEYBALL to win the award but Unfortunately because of the SICK panel members in Oscar, The Artist won the award. Now I feel that any Tamil Movie can get an Oscar. I seriously want the panel members to watch all the Tamil movies. I didn’t mention about other categories because I was quite happy with their decision. This is what we call as “A happy start and a sad ending … …” 


Death the Leveller

The glories of our blood and state
Are shadows, not substantial things;
There is no armour against Fate;
Death lays his icy hand on kings:
Sceptre and Crown
Must tumble down,
And in the dust be equal made
With the poor crookèd scythe and spade.

Some men with swords may reap the field,
And plant fresh laurels where they kill:
But their strong nerves at last must yield;
They tame but one another still:
Early or late
They stoop to fate,
And must give up their murmuring breath
When they, pale captives, creep to death.

The garlands wither on your brow,
Then boast no more your mighty deeds!
Upon Death’s purple altar now
See where the victor-victim bleeds.
Your heads must come
To the cold tomb:
Only the actions of the just
Smell sweet and blossom in their dust.

James Shirley


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